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Access to ... success! ACCESS ONE is a specialized sales and marketing company operating in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. Read more
Also Now, Modern Services in Pharmacy Point Of Sale Door-to-Door Visits,Pharmacist Detailing,Order Taking,Merchandising Read more
Access to ... success! ACCESS ONE is a specialized sales and marketing company operating in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. Read more
Tuesday, April 07, 2020
- Annual sales plan - Listing negotiations - Annual retail agreement - New Product launches - Pricing Strategy - Trade-spend plans - Order management - Product Placement - Product Presence on-shelf - Merchandising Standards - Retailer promo activities - In-store promo campaigns - Tracking competition - Customer/category reviews - Administering complaints - Provide relevant feedbacks
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Thanks to the proven strong negotiation skills, the profound knowledge of Greek and international market and the close cooperation with its business partners as well as the organized trade, the fully trained and experienced sales team of ACCESS ONE is in position to ensure the best results for each client-customer.

Account Management / Negotiations

The team of Account Managers of ACCESS ONE ( thanks to its valuable experience), recognizes the needs of its clients-customers and designs measurable and effective plans aiming, on one hand to satisfy its customers' needs and on the other to maximize the return of investment (ROI).

The regular meetings with our customers for the monitoring of the plans, as well as the contracted yearly agreements, form an integral part of our services.

Products Listing

We undertake the listing of new products which are developed (and there is evidence) to cover the needs and trends of the market.

National Sales Network – Order Reception - Cover plan

Our Sales Network is expanding throughout Greece. We provide an integrated coverage plan that takes advantage of the sales channels and ensures the quick communication of the orders and the avoidance of the undesirable out of stock effect.


Our merchandising teams is responsible for the placement of the products on the shops' shelves - based on the marketing targets – while at the same time perform all the necessary actions to avoid the undesirable out of stock effects. Additionally it takes care of the proper implementation of our pricing policy, the effective placement and utilization of our advertising material, while at the same time recording any competitive action inside the store.

Customer Service

In effect, all our activities and actions conclude here, in the Customer Service Department, the heart of ACCESS ONE's operation. The basic activities of the department focus on the professional processing and monitoring of the orders, the effective credit control, the development and analysis of the sales statistics as well as the effective, on time management of every client-customer need.

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